Apartments close to Baga beach

North Goa is famous for its exotic beaches and you can always experience some kind of bustling energy in North Goa Beaches. One such Beach is Baga Beach. Fun and exciting activities specially water sports activities can be witnessed at Baga Beach.

This beautiful beach has natural scenic beauty.Owning a home near Baga Beach is sure to guarantee the homeowner with happiness as this beach is full of life.

The long beachline of Baga Beach is just perfect and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. The calm water and the waves at Baga Beach relax your mind completely. The sea view this Beach acts as a major stress reliever. If you are a foodie and really love food a lot than many beautiful sea facing restaurants are available at Baga. This place is also famous for some amazing parties and this leaves the option open for party lovers to have an awesome time at this amazingly beautiful beach.